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Summary of Classes

Group and Private Classes

We offer language training as group-based or private lessons:

For more information about our fees and rules, click here.

Chatterbox for teens and adults too.....
Group English Classes

These weekly 50-minute classes take place at The Chatterbox on Wednesday morning and weekday afternoons. Class size is limited to 6 students. We can also arrange semi-private classes of 2 students. Classes run parallel to the canton Vaud public school calendar.

We use the Oxford University Press Family and Friends British English course for primary school-aged children (canton Vaud: P1-P8) with textbook, workbook, CD, and interactive, online platform materials. This course for young learners offers a flexible, comprehensive work and play program, including reading, writing, listening, speaking, and an emphasis on phonics.


For teenage students (canton Vaud: S9-S11), we use the Oxford University Press insight course in English.

Private English Classes

Our private classes can be tailored to individual needs where the teacher and student will agree on a course of study, textbooks, and schedule. These lessons normally take place on weekday afternoons at The Chatterbox. Lessons are sold in packets of ten 50-minute lessons (see Fees for details).

Special note:

We started offering on-line English classes using Zoom during the Covid-19 pandemic as an alternative to in-person classes. Building on the success of this venture, it may be possible to combine on-line and in-person private English classes depending on the availability of our teaching staff.

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