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Ukulele Lessons

Our ukulele lessons are at The Chatterbox on Friday afternoons at the following times and observe the Canton Vaud school holiday schedule. These classes are 50 minutes long, one afternoon session per week, and are designed to be one-on-one. In exceptional cases, we can discuss small group lessons and rates.


Recommended age: 8 years to adult 

What to expect

The ukulele has been called the instrument of the 21st Century. It's easy to learn the basics but a serious instrument in its own right. It is relatively inexpensive, portable, and can go anywhere with you.


These lessons offer customized one-on-one instruction and are appropriate for the beginning or intermediate player. Our teacher is a Level-3 certified instructor in the James Hill Ukulele in the Classroom methodology which uses the ukulele to learn basic musicianship.


Learn how to read music, pick melodies, strum, and accompany yourself in singing songs. More experienced players can learn how to read tabs, play chord-based melodies, different strumming and finger-picking patterns.


Our package includes ten 50-minute lessons which will be held at The Chatterbox on Friday afternoons. Prices for books are not included in the lesson price. It may be possible to arrange for a mix of on-line and in-person lessons. We can provide advice on purchasing ukuleles and also have a limited number of them for sale.


Please complete a request for lessons and we will contact you to discuss further details from choosing a ukulele to a possible plan of study.

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